As a result of working with Kailean, I have learned new ways of coping with my challenges. I was dealing with worries that felt far beyond my ability to cope, yet Kailean gave me information and tools that transformed my life. She is compassionate and non-judgmental, a wise woman as well as a professional practitioner. She has helped me find greater joy and peace—gifts that are priceless.
— Linda, WI
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the workshop “Get the More You’re Looking For” but quickly realized it was the best gift I could give myself. Kailean helped me to focus my intentions, which allowed me to have the holiday I dreamed of (even with my mother-in-law). I learned tools that helped me cope with a personal crisis soon after, and that I use to this day to manage life’s stress. When Kailean offered a workshop on Joy, I was the first to sign up.
— Rose, MN
Kailean combines profound healing knowledge with deep soul wisdom and intuition. With her warmth and genuine compassions she provides her clients with a comforting space where deep healing can occur.
— Stefanie, Germany
Working with Kailean has given me more confidence to pursue what is truly important to me. She has the ability to teach without judging and guide without leading. You get the feeling that she is walking with you on your journey. She’s able to use her knowledge, wisdom, and life experience to help you see the next step and how to get there. What I learned from Kailean has stayed with me, as well as that feeling that someone is walking with me as I move forward.
— Dan, MN
I recently attended the “Get Your Groove Back” Workshop on joy and it was a great experience. In the middle of the wintertime blahs it was like a breath of springtime air. The positive messages and thoughtful examples of how to experience more joy and happiness made me reevaluate my own life and be more aware of what I bring to my interactions with others, even amidst the challenging and difficult times. I gained a new appreciation for the good things in my life that I often take for granted. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to bring a thought-provoking and appreciative new perspective to their daily lives.
— Janice, MN
I wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for the workshop you gave yesterday on Joy. My husband and I both enjoyed it so much. We learned and gained a lot! You have such a gift and we appreciate you sharing it with us.”
— Julie, WI
Working with Kailean was truly an experience. She has a depth of soul to her that helped me to quickly resonate with points that she was making regarding the work we were doing together. Kailean is very grounded in her healing abilities and offered me a space to be emotionally comfortable.
— Jill, WI
Kailean helped me expand my vision to see a bigger picture. I found myself being less judgmental and self-righteous, toward myself and others. My life is much happier as a result. I think that everyone should spend some time with her. She helped me to get on–and stay on– the right path for my life.
— Glen, WI
The thing that helped me the most about working with Kailean was getting a better understanding of my positive traits and letting go of being so critical of myself. I now am able to use my strengths when things go wrong and life gets difficult. I’ve learned to back away and not always control and that feels very good. Kailean is very kind and I always felt at peace when I left our sessions.
— Anon., WI
I organized a day with Kailean as a team-building activity for my staff, and it was so helpful. As the day ended we had greater understanding of each other, a deeper awareness of our different needs, and a new level of tolerance and acceptance. We learned how to utilize each person’s strengths and support their weaknesses so that we would be stronger as a team. It was a great experience. We did this over a year ago, yet we still talk about it.
— Michele, WI
Kailean brings a grounding presence to your time together so you feel free to express your feelings without judgment in a safe, warm, and inviting environment. Truly a holistic professional who can help you just be yourself!
— Chelsea, WI
Working with Kailean, I learned to put the past in its place, connect to the present, and make choices to mold my future. Kailean challenged me and gave me tools to become a stronger, more confident person. I continue to use these tools everyday.
— Judy, WI