About Kailean

It is in your vulnerability that you find your greatest strength.
— Kailean Welsh

We are complicated creations—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, and our human experience is not an easy one.

Many years ago, I found myself trying hard to understand “what it’s all about.” Life wasn’t making a whole lot of sense to me. It seemed the harder I tried to “do it right,” the messier my life became. I became more depressed, more self-judging, and more convinced that I wasn’t meant to have a “good” life.

I found my way to 12-step groups, which ignited a spiritual quest that had been smoldering all of my life. I packed up my three young children and moved from our home in Iowa across the country to Tahlequah, Oklahoma, to study and work at Sancta Sophia Seminary, a center for metaphysical and spiritual studies. I took classes in Esoteric Christianity, World Religions, Levels of Consciousness, Meditation, Energy Healing, Intuitive Development, and more. I soaked up everything I could take in.

Fascinated and intrigued, I came to realize that the universe is far greater than we yet understand or can imagine. There is a deeper layer of human existence—one that underlies religions and cultural beliefs—that frees us to a new way of being that is rich with potential and self-fulfillment.

I wanted to be of service and to provide for my family, so I earned my license as a psychotherapist. It became my mission to return psychotherapy to its roots as “care of the soul.” Using a unique blend of modern science and ancient wisdom teachings, I offer an experience of integration and self-awareness that brings core healing. I see the work I do as sacred and each session as hallowed ground where I become honored to share part of another’s story.

I want each and every human being on the planet to know that they are both human AND divine. As we rise above the limitations and fears of the ego, our soul emerges to guide us. It is then that life opens up and the magic begins.

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Are you ready to soul up?


More About Kailean

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I have made my home in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. It is a special place of natural beauty, left untouched by the glaciers of the Ice Age, offering a pure and ancient energy for healing and wellbeing. It is also the hub of the organic farming movement—part of my family legacy—which reminds me how important it is to follow my passion, regardless of how well it fits into current standards and expectations.

Educationally, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and an Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology. I am licensed in the state of Wisconsin as a Professional Counselor (LPC). I am also certified in Pastoral Counseling and Holistic Psychotherapy, and am a Reiki Master.

I like to write, and am an international bestselling author. I was a contributing writer in four inspirational anthologies and am the sole author of the book: Blazing A Trail: The Unconventional Life of Harriet Hosmer, a local history story that fueled my passion to create a life I love.

A favorite place for leisure time is near a body of water under a warm sun with some good reading, usually an astrology book or some deep metaphysical text. For spiritual food, I love my local Song Circle, weekly Lectio Divina gathering, and 12-step meetings. I share life with friends and family, and my sweet feline friend, Buttercup. I love deep conversations and a good laugh.

“Every day is a chance to see another miracle.”