You are an energy being– a spark of the divine, a creative force, a powerful creator with tremendous potential to live a fully expressed, empowered life. But fear, doubt, trauma, and limiting beliefs block your ability to connect with this truth.

When you are ready to ignite this divine spark and begin living a fully expressed life, I welcome you to join one of my programs. During our work together, you will heal core wounds and traumas, releasing the stories that no longer serve you. You will open your perspective and expand your sense of what is possible for you in this lifetime.

We live in a beautifully abundant world that gives us all the tools that we need to have the lives for which we long. I introduce you to these tools during our time together, guiding you along a path of healing and self-discovery.

You are a powerful creator of your own life. So, what life are you creating for yourself?


Journey Back to You

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Do you know who you truly are? It’s time to come home to yourself as a fully expressed, empowered being.

The Journey Back to You Program is an opportunity for you to discover your core truths and work with the basic tools that allow you to be the co-creator of your own life.

During this 13-week program, I will guide you to an understanding of yourself as an energy being, identifying and releasing barriers that limit happiness and block the expression of who you truly are, and connecting you to your own creative power.


Soul-Up Astrology Sessions

You were born with a soul blueprint.

You have an energetic pattern that is yours, and yours alone—unique, like your fingerprint, your voice, your hair. And it holds a ton of information.

Your natal astrology chart is like a map. It helps you understand the terrain around you. By taking a look at your cosmic blueprint, you can find the best path for your journey. You'll recognize favorite places, long detours, and hazards likely to trip you up along the way.

With awareness, you can navigate wisely. And you'll have a much better trip as a result.