You are an energy being—a spark of the divine, a powerful creative force. But trauma, self-limiting and cultural beliefs, and even ancestral patterns, can block your ability to connect with this truth.

Our human experience is about finding and illuminating the spirit within. You were meant to shine.

My programs and services are designed to help you release the mental and emotional debris that interferes with your ability to live your best life. Depression, anxiety, overwhelm, loneliness, self-doubt, are all symptoms of unhealed, unintegrated experience that disconnect us from ourselves, others, and the amazing world around us.

You are meant to live in joy, compassion, creativity, enthusiasm, beauty, and abundance.

My work is all about ‘care of the soul,’ which is what you will experience through all of my programs and services.

Working together, you will heal unintegrated aspects of yourself, open your perspective, and expand your sense of what is possible.

You will gain practical tools—powerful and easy-to-use—to enhance your sense of self, strengthen your relationships with yourself, with others, and with life around you, and re-connect you to the magic and wonder of a world beyond mere material reality.

If you are ready to fill your life with more soul, take a look at what I have to offer.


Journey Back to You: an individualized transformational program

Journey back to you pic.jpg

Do you know who you truly are? It’s time to come home to yourself as a fully expressed, empowered being.

The Journey Back to You Program is an opportunity for you to discover your core truths and work with the basic tools that allow you to be the co-creator of your own life.

During this 13-week program, I will guide you to an understanding of yourself as an energy being, identifying and releasing barriers that limit happiness and block the expression of who you truly are, and connecting you to your own creative power.


Soul-Up Astrology Sessions

You were born with a soul blueprint.

You have an energetic pattern that is yours, and yours alone—unique, like your fingerprint, your voice, your hair. And it holds a wealth of information.

Like a map, your natal astrology chart can help you see the best path for your soul’s journey. We can use it to recognize favorite places, detours and roadblocks, along with special stops and destinations you don’t want to miss on this wheel of your life.