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Your brilliance is waiting on the other side of your pain.
— Kailean Welsh

You are a unique and complex being. Far more than a body, you are an eternal soul.

You are a complicated mix of stardust and earth—vibrant and vital, living, moving, and changing in a crazy mix of invisible energies that is life.

It’s understandable that you get bogged down—confused, overwhelmed, stuck—life is certainly challenging. But that is not where your story has to end.

You are a Divine spark, a quantum creator. You live in a Universe that is rich, abundant, and amazing—filled with practical tools—tools that you can use everyday to help remember, reclaim, and embrace your greatest self.

Are you ready to shine?


Working with Me as Your Guide

I will be your guide as you go deep into the core of your being.

Our work together will be heart-centered and collaborative, taking psychotherapy back to its roots as “care of the soul.”

Using a conscious, skillful, organic blending of eastern and western philosophies and healing methods, we will:

  • Unbury you from the mental tapes and conditioned patterns that have disconnected you from your greater truth and keep you repeating patterns that don’t serve you well.

  • Peel away the illusions and false beliefs that keep you stuck and block expression of the unique divine blueprint you were created for.

  • Find healing, integrating wounds and traumas, doubt and shame.

  • Unearth and embrace the strengths and gifts that are yours, and yours alone, to bring to the planet.

  • Reconnect with and expand your experience of all of the soul qualities that give life meaning: peace, joy, ease, abundance, creativity, beauty, faith.

Discovering who you really are and creating the life you were meant to live, is exciting, uplifting, and freeing. It is the most important—and the most rewarding—adventure you will ever experience.