Allowing the pieces to settle into place

It is bitterly cold here in Wisconsin, as the polar vortex has dropped into the Midwest and everything is frozen over. Mail delivery was cancelled. Schools are closed. Even the bars have shut down—that's when you know it's really cold in Wisconsin.

I am grateful to be cozy and warm in my home, and yesterday offered a perfect opportunity to finish up my Visioning process for 2019.

This practice began several years ago, when I and a few of my sisters and nieces gathered to create an image of what we wanted to bring forth in the year ahead. A new car, travel opportunities, more money, less weight....

While the results haven't exactly been magical and earthshaking, there have been some interesting the year I included an image of relationship (something I'd been avoiding for some time), and actually got it. Or 2015 when I declared I would become a published author, and did.

Creating a vision board has been a process that has helped me to focus in on what I really want and what (stuff or otherwise) is most important to me. It has also become much more.

Yesterday, I realized how much my process has deepened, resulting in the creation of far more than a current wish list.

It's become not so much about what I want to get, but what I am to give.

What am I to bring to the table in 2019? What is the energy that is wanting to move through me as I step forward onto another round in my spiral to becoming?

It's become more about deepening my connection to myself, to my inner knower, and to the great unseen force that leads me to my best expression. And I've learned, that I don't always know exactly how that's going to play out, or what I really need to get there.

This year I let go of my "wish list" completely. I pulled out a pile of magazines and during the Twelve Holy Nights (between Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany on Jan. 6) I spent some time just going through them and cutting out images. I didn't focus on what I wanted. I focused on what images appealed to me, what caught my attention, what grabbed me—even if I didn't know why.

My heart-shaped basket filled with little slips of paper: pictures, words, colors that drew me.

Yesterday, I sat down to put the pieces together. I sorted through the scraps of paper, rejecting some, gluing others to my paper. I didn't lay it all out or plan how it would come together. I simply took each piece as it came.

I trusted my instinct, and when the basket was empty, the page was filled, and my focus for 2019 was clear.

• I am on a sacred journey, going toward God, illuminating my best self.
• I need to have the nerve to dive deeper and soar higher, as I explore the powers coursing through the Universe and each of us.
• It's time to breakthrough self doubt and truly honor my own unique path: boldly transforming culture.
• I am Light. Burning Bright. Transforming lives through feminine leadership and entrepreneurship.
• And, Yay! Stronger cash flow!

What I learned is that I can trust the process. That the pieces will fit, even when I can't see exactly where it's leading. There is a bigger picture. When I can let go of my expectations and my plans, something deeper, richer, and more beautiful emerges.

Kailean WelshComment