Soul-Up Astrology Sessions

"All the possibilities of your human destiny
are asleep inside your soul."

"What am I doing here?"
"Is there some purpose to all of this?" 
"Is this as good as it gets?"

Some days you wonder...

Life can feel overwhelming, pointless, unfair, constricting.


Some days, or weeks, you spin around thoughts like these.

"Is something more even possible?"
"Why do I do this again and again?"
"What do I need to do to move my life forward?"

There are answers...

Answers just for you.

Conveniently, you were born with a soul blueprint.

You have an energetic pattern that is yours, and yours alone—unique, like your fingerprint, your voice, your hair. And it holds a ton of information.

No kidding.

Your natal astrology chart is like a map. It helps you understand the terrain around you. By taking a look at your cosmic blueprint, you can find the best path for your journey. You'll recognize favorite places, long detours, and hazards likely to trip you up along the way.

With awareness, you can navigate wisely. And you'll have a much better trip as a result.

A Soul-Up Astrology Session will help you navigate.

In this session, we go deep into the core of your being, focusing on:
• Your soul theme for this life.
• The divine aspect you are to be developing and its hidden helper.
• Life and ancestral patterns that have kept you stuck, and the path you can take to get through them.
• Qualities to cultivate that will align you with your soul's deepest intention.
• The #1 way you self-sabotage, and what you can do instead.
• Attributes to develop to support soul growth, as well as tendencies to leave behind.
• Healing statements to support your soul identity.
Additionally, you will receive a Driftless Soul™ Flower Essence specially formulated to support alignment with your energetic blueprint. These flower essences are made from flowers of the Driftless Region through a sun-water imprinting process. They offer a high dosage infusion of the vibrational frequency that aligns with the soul energy you are to bring forth in this life.

The session will be recorded, so that you can listen to again later.

This Soul-Up astrology reading was laser-focused on looking at my soul path. I am so grateful to Kailean for her wise and easy to understand overview of my tendencies, strengths and areas of focus for this lifetime. It was easy to meet on Zoom. Kailean sent me a chart and summary and gave me oodles of information, including answering my questions. I learned so much about myself and I love that I can access the audio at any time to review what we discussed.
— Catherine
My session with Kailean was wonderfully helpful! She put so much into the session, in such a clear way—I left feeling uplifted, and with resources and tools to move forward. I highly recommend her astrology readings!
— Mariah
The session I had with Kailean was literally life changing. So much about my life made sense afterwards.
— Bobbi
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They make great gifts!

A Soul-Up Astrology Session is a great gift for a loved one who is looking for greater clarity around their purpose in this life.